Anniversary Decoration

Anniversaries are special, in fact a very special moments for those who want to reignite the spark of love in the relationships. The anniversaries not only mark the celebration of the memories you create together, but also the commitment of continued relationship in the true means. For those specific reasons, an anniversary party must be something different to other celebrations and planned to live up to the true meaning of the occasion.

Creating memories is our forte. We are Diamond Décor, a full-service event decoration agency, specialists at transforming any ordinary event space into your dream setting. Our event decorators aim to bring life to your anniversary decoration.

Our experience in floral design, linen, craftsmanship, furnishing and lights is disparate, and our innovation to create the perfect anniversary ideas is guaranteed to impress. We’ve been in the event planning in Canada for a long time and we’ve great expertize at putting together all kinds of events and celebration parties.

We’re the Best At!
  • -Stage designing with impressive backdrops & flowers
  • -Innovative & elegant centrepeices designing with perfect harmony
  • -Beautiful bouquets with handpicked flowers for personal touch
Versatile Services… Sure to Impress!
Whether you’re planning for a surprise party at a hotel or simply want to turn your home into a dreamland for your beloved or a couple very close to you, we can do it all for you. Diamond Décor feels and shares your happiness. Our innovative event decorators, designers, contractors and florists push themselves to the boundaries to make the moment extra special for the guest of honor and all of their friends.

Don’t have something specific in mind? Don’t worry we have the custom decoration ideas in mind. And if you need something different to other events, we can also customize our designs accordingly to come up with party decorations that portrays your vision.

Themed Events, Designed Your Way!
To show how much we care, Diamond Décor guarantees that you’ll communicate with the owners and not a sales representative. Because we value the importance of an event in your life and that’s why we’ll give you the best event decoration solutions when you consult with us about your event.

And our in-house event designers will work together to bring your dreams to life. Our fine attention to even the minor details makes us the best event decorators in the industry, specializing in creating customizable event décor to suit any occasion, budget.

All our event decorators, event designers carry years of experience in the event management industry to create memories with impressive event designing skills and handpicked items to match your taste. We have the best event decorators, event managers, event designers and a great network of top vendors… and this is what sets us apart from the competition in Canadian event management industry.